Developer shows original game running on iPhone

We've already seen Quake III: Arena running on an iPod touch, but how about upcoming native titles for the iPhone? In the wake of Apple's iPhone 3G launch, Shacknews has gotten its hands on high definition footage of just such a title: Digital Legends Entertainment's fantasy action-adventure game, Krull.

Surprisingly, Digital Legends CEO Xavier Carillo Costa claims his team only got the iPhone SDK two weeks before the demo, and that the port itself took just four days to create. The team spent the rest of their time implementing iPhone-specific features, such as a control system based on the accelerometer and touch screen. Krull seems to run fairly well for such an early port—not to mention a full 3D game with effects like dynamic shadows—although we can see some choppiness here and there.

Krull will debut on the upcoming iPhone App Store in September. Judging by Steve Jobs' keynote yesterday, other original games will share the ride, and users should be able to download them wirelessly from their phones.

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