No dual-core Phenoms coming until the 45nm jump

Before AMD launched its first Phenom processors last year, the rumor mill was rife with news of dual-core and top-of-the-line, "FX"-branded derivatives of the Phenom X4. AMD has since introduced its triple-core Phenom X3 CPUs, but the entire Phenom line is still sandwiched between $145 and $235. What gives?

Citing its usual sources at motherboard manufacturers, DigiTimes says the answer is simple: AMD has shelved other Phenom derivatives. The company's roadmap reportedly called for 65nm, dual-core Phenoms in May or June, but the Athlon X2 5600+ will fill in until AMD makes the jump to 45nm process technology. AMD stated back in April that 45nm production will begin "at mature yields" in the summer, followed by volume 45nm shipments in the fourth quarter. In the meantime, a recent Asus press release hints that AMD will introduce higher-clocked 65nm Phenoms before long.

DigiTimes claims AMD's 45nm roadmap includes "Deneb FX" processors that could revive the firm's premium enthusiast line. Considering Intel's rumored plans for Nehalem, though, Deneb FX could face the same fate as purported 65nm Phenom FX processors.

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