Asus to stage big LAN party in Dallas next month

As if QuakeCon wasn't enough, Asus and Intel have teamed up to bring another big LAN party-style event to the Dallas, Texas area this summer. Asus named the Republic of Gamers Convention (ROGCon) after the Republic of Gamers line of high-end enthusiast motherboards, and it says ROGCon is its "first-ever gaming event in North America."

With ROGCon, Asus wants to "bring classic LAN gaming back, and to honor the gaming enthusiasts who help fuel technology advancements." The 1,000+ attendees expected to fill the 40,000-square-foot arena will be able to play for fun, compete in tournaments to win $70,000 in prizes, or get a peek at some unreleased products. Asus plans to show off next-generation Centrino 2 gaming laptops with Nvidia SLI graphics, with new Eee PCs and miscellaneous unannounced products to tag along, as well.

The ROGCon will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas from July 18 to July 20. You can check out the official ROGCon website for more details.

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