AMD, Havok team up on game physics

If you thought Intel's purchase of Havok pretty much ruled out support for Havok physics acceleration on AMD graphics cards, think again. AMD has announced a partnership with the physics middleware developer, saying Havok and itself aim to "jointly investigate the optimization of physics effects utilizing AMD's full line of products."

AMD does mean its full line of products, too. The two companies will not only work to "further optimize" Havok Physics for AMD x86 microprocessors, but also eventually investigate the use of Radeon graphics processors for managing physics simulations. In other words, AMD is responding to Nvidia's buyout of PhysX (and its plans to add PhysX support to GeForce 8 GPUs) by teaming up with Havok.

Havok is no stranger to the physics-on-GPU concept, either. While the project seems to have been shelved, the firm announced a hardware physics application programming interface for GPUs all the way back in March 2006. The API was dubbed Havok FX, and it was meant to support both GeForce 6 and 7 GPUs from Nvidia and Radeon X1000 cards from AMD.

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