Opera 9.5 dons new user interface, sync features

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari probably get the most coverage as the browser war rages on, but folks often forget about Opera. 12 years after its debut, Opera has matured into a potent alternative to the competition, especially so with the release of Opera 9.5 today.

The new browser in action.

With Opera 9.5, Opera Software has overhauled its namesake browser with a brand new user interface, a faster rendering engine, and some innovative new features. The Opera Link service lets users synchronize bookmarks between different computers and cell phones (as long as those phones run Opera Mini), while the Quick Find feature lets users search their history for not just page titles, but also page content. On top of that, the new browser includes new fraud protection features and a download manager with BitTorrent support.

Opera 9.5 retains some of the goodies of previous versions, as well, such as built-in e-mail and RSS feed support, mouse gestures, a "speed dial" bookmark system, and a tab system with a "trash can," from which users can fish out accidentally closed tabs.

You can grab Opera 9.5 for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD from this page free of charge. Detailed change logs for each version are available from this page, too.

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