Poll: How many CPU cores will your next PC have?

With quad-core processors available for less than $200 and six- and eight-core CPUs on the way next year, the core race is well in progress. But just because you can get four cores in a single CPU doesn't mean you actually need all of them—and sometimes, a greater number of lower-clocked cores can translate into poorer performance.

In our latest poll, we're asking you a simple question: how many CPU cores will there be in your next PC? Do you regularly run highly parallel apps that need as many cores as they can get, or would you get by just fine with a single-core Atom CPU? Feel free to cast your vote either below or on our front page.

Our previous poll topic was, "Do you play games on your PC?" Judging by the response, PC gaming is nowhere near dead among our readers: 88.3% of them voted yes, while 7.7% voted no, and 4% have more than enough fun compiling perfectly formatted spreadsheets in Excel. For the record, that poll question covered both "serious" games like Crysis and more casual titles, including Flash games.

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