Eee PC 1000H to cost $649 in the U.S.

At long last, Asus has released prices for its upcoming Eee PC 901 and 1000 low-cost subnotebooks. According to Laptop Magazine, the Eee PC 901 will launch at $599 in both its Windows- and Linux-based iterations. The Windows-based Eee PC 1000H will cost $649, while the vanilla Eee PC 1000 will be a relatively hefty $699. Asus did, however, warn that pricing for the 1000H and 1000 models is "estimated and subject to change."

Those prices are all significantly higher than the $549 Asus charges for its Celeron-based Eee PC 900. Judging by the specifications the company released a few days ago, the Eee PC 1000H will carry an 80GB mechanical hard drive, while the 1000 will have a 40GB solid-state drive. The high cost of SSDs would seem to explain why the Eee PC 1000 will be so expensive. Both the 1000 and the 1000H will also have 10" displays, Atom processors, and weights of around three pounds (1.33-1.45 kg).

At this point, it’s interesting to note that $649 is enough to buy a full-blown 14.1" Dell Inspiron with a dual-core Intel processor, Windows Vista Home Premium, a 120GB hard drive, and a DVD burner. The Eee PC may be more attractive to folks looking for a second, more portable laptop, however.

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