NVIDIA intros GeForce2 Go mobile graphics chip

COMDEX - We attended last night the launch of NVIDIA's new mobile graphics chip, the GeForce2 Go. The GF2 Go is essentially a GeForce2 MX slightly modified for use in laptop PCs. Among its specs:
  • A GeForce2 core with two pixel pipelines and two textures per pixel, or four texels per clock.

  • All the NVIDIA GeForce features, include T&L, shading rasterizer, and the like.

  • Similar power consumption numbers to current laptop chips, but the T&L engine significantly reduces CPU utilization, saving power overall. The chip saved 2W of power versus its closest competitor (presumably Rage Mobility) over the course of a benchmark run.

  • 64- and 128-bit SDR and DDR memory interfaces, with some limitations. (No 128-bit DDR, for instance.) More on this later. The demo model from Toshiba shown last night was running SDR memory on a 64-bit inferface.

  • The chip's recommended clock rate will be 143MHz core, and 166MHz memory.
Toshiba will introduce the first laptops with the GF2 Go in the first quarter of 2001, and the products should hit the shelves late in the first quarter. Unless ATI counters fairly soon, we predict NVIDIA will do to the mobile graphics market what it's done to the desktop market.
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