Intel shows Quake Wars ray traced at 720p

— 11:14 AM on June 16, 2008

Even very recently, real-time ray tracing demonstrations have been a little on the lackluster side: old games (or custom demos), low resolutions, dull lighting, and rooms filled with reflective spheres. As TG Daily reports, Intel has stepped things up a notch by not only making Enemy Territory: Quake Wars run with a ray-traced 3D engine, but also by displaying it at a 720p resolution with near-real-time frame rates (14-29 FPS).

TG Daily has posted several screenshots of the endeavor, and they certainly look nicer than what Intel has shown in the past. The horde of pointless reflective spheres is still there, but the effects of ray tracing are also evident in water reflections, cockpit window reflections, and underwater, where the rendering system enables believable light refractions. Intel's re-tooled engine reportedly uses traced rays for collision detection, as well.

To achieve the aforementioned frame rates, TG Daily says Intel ran its demo on a server system with four quad-core 2.93GHz Xeon processors. Interestingly, the game ran not on Windows, but on a 64-bit Linux distribution. Perhaps Intel's upcoming Larrabee discrete graphics processor will have enough computing power to do something similar (or better) on a regular desktop.

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