Mystery AMD chip to go up against Atom?

With VIA's Nano and Intel's Atom set to fight it out in the low-cost subnotebook market this summer, AMD looks conspicuously absent from the scene. However, German site Eee PC News has posted what looks like a leaked AMD slide describing what could be AMD's "Atom killer."

This slide describes a chip with an x64 instruction set, a 1GHz core clock speed, two 64KB chunks of L1 cache, 256KB of L2 cache, an integrated memory controller with DDR2-400 memory support, an 800MHz HyperTransport link, and an 8W thermal envelope. AMD apparently intends to slap the chip into an 812-pin ball-grid-array package measuring 27 x 27 mm.

That might sound a little big (and power-hungry) for some of the slimmer netbooks out there, but the chip does integrate a north bridge and memory controller—parts that go in a separate chip in Atom subnotebooks. Of course, the slide doesn't reveal whether this mystery AMD product will fight it out with current Atom iterations in the first place. (Thanks to DailyTech for the tip.)

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