AMD's next-gen GPU to be the size of a dime

We've already carefully studied Nvidia's latest and greatest GT200 graphics processor, and if the heat spreader on the GeForce GTX 280 is any indication, that GPU is massive. The rumor mill (and AMD itself) have hinted that AMD's next-generation RV770 processor will have much more reasonable dimensions, and today, we see the folks at TweakTown managed to grab a photo of the RV770 silicon on its own.

Compared to the hand it's resting in, the RV770 looks positively tiny. TweakTown claims the chip is "the size of a US dime," an estimation that looks about right, although we'll obviously have to check the exact dimensions for ourselves once AMD releases the final product.

What we can take away from this is that the RV770 may very well continue the RV670's tradition of affordable, power-efficient performance. This GPU could definitely be small and power-efficient enough for AMD to stick two on a single card, as well, corroborating rumors of a Radeon HD 4870 X2.

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