AMD flaunts Opteron virtualization performance

Quad-core AMD processors may not be known for breaking records on the desktop, but they can still give their Intel rivals some mean competition in high-end servers. AMD has announced that a Dell PowerEdge R905 server packed with 2.5GHz Opteron 8360 SE processors has achieved the highest score yet for a four-socket server in VMware's VMmark virtualization benchmark. Dell ran the test itself, and you can see a detailed run-down of the results and the machine's specs in this PDF file.

The PowerEdge R905 hit a score of 14.17 with 10 tiles, each tile being a set of six different workloads running simultaneously. The next-highest score of 13.16 with nine tiles was hit in March by an IBM System x3850 M2 server with four 2.93GHz Intel Xeon X7350 processors. The system had the same amount of RAM as the Dell—64GB—and IBM ran the test (details here).

The Opteron 8360 SE came out just ten days ago, and it's more or less a version of the desktop Phenom X4 9850 with support for up to eight sockets and registered DDR2 memory. AMD quotes a 105W thermal envelope for the 8360 SE, compared to Intel's 130W envelope for the Xeon X7350. The two companies do measure thermal envelopes differently, though.

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