Deal of the week: Hard drives and graphics cards

We've already covered the availability and pricing of the Radeon HD 4850 quite extensively in our availability check, so feel free to have a look there if you're interested in picking up one of AMD's new mid-range wonders. The card performs admirably, and it looks like a steal right now at $199.99.

Rather than devote yet another post exclusively to the 4850, though, we've also decided to highlight Samsung's 1TB Spinoint F1 hard drive. Newegg currently sells the drive for $179.99 shipped, which works out to a mouth-watering 18 cents per gigabyte. We gave the Spinpoint F1 our Editor's Choice award for its mix of excellent performance and delightfully low noise levels.

A word of warning, though: the Spinpoint's compatibility with Nvidia chipsets seems a tad flaky, so nForce users may instead want to pick up something like Western Digital's 1TB Caviar GP, which is just $10 more at Newegg. The Caviar GP won't get you the same mind-blowing performance, but it's a fine, very quiet drive.

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