AMD fares poorly in employee satisfaction ratings

Barely two weeks (and over 40,000 user contributions) after its debut, Glassdoor already paints an interesting picture of the tech industry. As Seeking Alpha explains, the people behind Zillow and Expedia created the site with the aim of applying the travel review formula to companies and their management.

Out of firms with more than 40 employee reviews, Seeking Alpha says people working at VMware, Google, Intuit, and Adobe seem the most content. For example, Intuit CEO Brad Smith has a 96% approval rating. On the other side of the spectrum, HP and AMD reportedly fare the poorest in employee satisfaction, with AMD CEO Hector Ruiz holding a measly 11% approval rating.

Not all ratings are as straightforward. Seeking Alpha points out that IBM CEO Sam Palmisano has a 48% approval rating, even with IBM "doing better than it has in years." That's only two points higher than the 46% rating employees give Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, whom some have accused of sabotaging merger negotiations with Microsoft.

You can check out more reviews and ratings by heading directly to There's a catch, though: to see all user-submitted content, visitors must submit a review for either a present or a past employer. (Thanks to TR reader Jonathan for the tip.)

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