Lenovo sheds light on ThinkPad SL notebooks

We've seen specifications and leaked pictures of Lenovo's next X-series ThinkPad, but that system is only part of the Chinese company's ThinkPad line refresh. PC World has gotten some dirt directly from Lenovo about upcoming ThinkPad SL systems, which the company will aim at small businesses that "can't afford an IT staff to troubleshoot their own laptop problems."

ThinkPad SL laptops will cost just $699 to $1,199, and they'll reportedly trade the traditional IBM formula for something a tad more consumer-friendly. Users can look forward to a "more stylish look" as well as multimedia features like high-definition video output and video creation software. Nevertheless, Lenovo will cater to businesses by bundling the laptops with an online backup service and Absolute Software's LoJack recovery system, which can help users retrieve stolen laptops.

Look for an announcement from Lenovo about the ThinkPad SL line "in the next few weeks." Judging by the timing, these machines may very well be based on Intel's Centrino 2 platform.

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