AMD resurrects the All-in-Wonder line

The last time an All-in-Wonder card was announced, the company that introduced it was still called ATI and the date on the press release was January 24, 2006. AMD has been focusing on its standalone TV Wonder tuner cards since then, but it resurrected the All-in-Wonder line today with the new All-in-Wonder HD.

Like its predecessors of old, the All-in-Wonder HD couples a Radeon graphics processor with a TV tuner on a single card. According to the official spec sheet, AMD based the card on its Radeon HD 3650—which has a 55nm GPU with 378 million transistors, 120 stream processors, a 128-bit DDR2 memory interface, DirectX 10.1 support, and AMD’s unified video decoder for hardware HD video decode acceleration.

The All-in-Wonder HD. Source: AMD.

The new AIW also brings a TV tuner with support for analog TV, free-to-air HDTV, and ClearQAM unencrypted cable, not to mention hardware MPEG-2 encoding functionality. The card seems tailor-made for home-theater PCs, with a single-slot form factor, DVI and HDMI outputs, and support for Windows Media Center software. AMD also bundles the card with its AMD Live! Explorer and AMD Live! On-Demand software, which supposedly lets users access their video recordings “from any computer with broadband connectivity.” The company even offers an All-in-Wonder HD accessory kit to add “composite video, S-video, stereo audio input and component output.”

Look for the All-in-Wonder HD to hit stores by “late July” in boxes stamped with Diamond and VisionTek logos. AMD says the card will cost $199.

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