Real P4 Benchmarks

We've seen a lot of P4 benchmarks floating around in the last few weeks, but these appear to be as legit as they get. Intel was nice enough to drop off a P4 test system for Australian IT to play with, a pretty nicely stacked system at that. While no one is expecting jaw-dropping performance from the P4 given the concessions Intel has had to make to reach higher clock speeds, it's nice to have some reliable numbers to look at.
But never mind all of Intel's raving about ultrapipelined architecture and how the processor excels for both tasks that are characterised by unbounded performance requirements and tasks which are characterised by a high level of user response (italics Intel's). How's the blooming thing go? And, importantly, how's it stack up against the competition?
While clock for clock the P4 is going to be slower than an Athlon or Intel's own PIII, the ramp up to 2.0GHz in two months could make things very interesting. Check out the full story at Australian IT here.
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