Poll: What's the best new graphics card?

Over the past week and a half, Nvidia and AMD have almost completely reshaped the graphics card market from $199 up. We've carefully tested and benchmarked the two companies' new (and re-positioned) offerings, showing that AMD has really done its homework and Nvidia has managed to produce the overall-fastest single-GPU card once again.

With that in mind, we've concocted a new poll to ask what you think of these new graphics cards. More specifically, which of them is the finest, in your view? Feel free to cast your votes either below or on our front page.

Our previous poll topic was, "How many CPU cores will your next PC have?" Evidently, over half of our readers have their eyes set on a quad-core PC, while less than 20% would even consider a system with three cores or fewer. Interestingly, those numbers leave 27% of TR readers who want more than four cores. 16% believe their next PC will have eight cores, while 10% want 16 or more.

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