Crytek reveals more about Crysis Warhead

We've seen Crytek put up a teaser image for Crysis Warhead and even talk about system requirements in an interview, but the company has stayed mum on details about the actual game. No longer. Quoting the latest PC Gamer issue, Czech site Tiscali Games says Crysis Warhead will be a standalone game with an 8-10-hour single-player campaign. Players will take control of Psycho, the Jason Statham-esque character from the original, as he explores the other side of the island.

Aside from running better on low-end systems than its predecessor, Warhead reportedly won't require DirectX 10 support for "maximum details and full effects." Crytek will also tweak gameplay a little by making Warhead less linear, implementing better character artificial intelligence, and including a more straightforward multiplayer mode. Gamers can look forward to new vehicles, "at least two" new weapons, and perhaps new nanosuit functions.

Shacknews has chimed in with news that Warhead will come out this fall. Sales of the title will apparently determine whether Crytek develops a Crysis 2. Warhead may also be Crytek's last PC-exclusive game.

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