MSI delays Wind laptop until July 7

We reported a couple of weeks back that the Wind U100, MSI's first stab at an Atom-powered low-cost subnotebook, would become available in the U.S. today. We had good reason, too. MSI's own online store quoted June 27 as the "estimated ship date" for the $499.99 Wind U100-W3M and U100-B3M. But if you look today, you'll see an empty page where the two Wind models used to be.

Gizmodo reports that the reason is simple: MSI has postponed the Wind until July 7. The site quotes an MSI representative as saying, "MSI went from 6 to 3-cells in hopes of getting to market faster, but the batteries have become a bottleneck...I apologize for the delays and can only ask you and your readers for your continued patience."

On the upside, folks who pre-ordered the Wind will reportedly get a free shipping upgrade to an overnight service.

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