AMD to have 40% of the graphics card market soon?

If you haven't noticed, AMD has more or less managed to put the smack down on Nvidia with its latest Radeon HD 4000-series graphics cards. According to DigiTimes, which quotes sources at graphics card makers, AMD's latest products may be good enough to boost the company's market share to 40% before long.

The sources reportedly expect AMD's share of the discrete graphics card market to hit 40% in the third quarter, up from around 30% earlier this year. This report complements earlier news that AMD's success in the mobile graphics arena would allow it to claim 55% of the discrete notebook graphics market this quarter. It's a little too early to verify that particular claim, but AMD did say earlier this year that it had secured more mobile design wins than Nvidia for 2008.

If both of these reports turn out to be right, AMD could grab about half of the overall discrete graphics market this year—a much needed reversal of fortune after its poor performance throughout much of 2007.

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