iSuppli: PC market stayed strong in the first quarter

The economy could be doing better these days, but you wouldn't necessarily know it from looking at the PC market. According to new numbers published by market research firm iSuppli, global PC shipments rose "in accordance with normal seasonal patterns" in the first quarter of this year. Shipments totaled 69.9 million for the first quarter, a 12.1% rise over the 62.4-million figure from Q1 2007.

iSuppli's Matthew Wilkins comments that the first quarter was "better than hoped for," and he attributes the growth to "continued strong demand growth for mobile PCs." In terms of who got the most shipments, HP led the pack again with an 18.9% slice of the pie in the first quarter, compared to 15.4% for Dell, 9.7% for Acer, 6.9% for Lenovo, and 4.4% for Toshiba. One year before, those same companies had respective market shares of 17.2%, 14.4%, 9.8%, 6.4%, and 4.1%. HP had the fastest growth in shipments (23.3% from Q1'07 to Q1'08), while Acer had the slowest ("only" 10.5%).

Looking ahead, Wilkins says he expects global PC shipments to grow "in the range of 10 to 11 percent" this year. He points out, "Exciting new developments in the area of low-cost PCs will help stimulate PC demand, along with bringing them to a wider audience."

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