TR BBQ V is coming!

The guys in the forums are cooking up another annual TR BBQ, and everybody's invited.  Here's the scoop from idchafee:
It's time for the 5th annual TRBBQ, on August 2, 2008, on the shores of Lake Michigan. After being held in the Detroit area the first three years, last year we moved to a location on the beach in western Michigan hosted by The Man, drfish. A good time was had by all and more good times are expected this year. Among the planned activities:

* Swimming in the lake
* Beach stuff (15 foot high sand castle FTW)
* Good food
* Good people
* 5th annual TR beanbag tournament, guaranteed to have a new winner since the defending champion, rolling20's will be unable to make it (dang family weddings!), with Champion Emeritus z-man waiting for the challenge of the winner (think of z-man as the end boss of your favorite video game).

Last year's discussion thread (with pictures!)

This year's discussion thread:

So join the discussion and more importantly, come on out and consume a frosty beverage with fellow gerbils. Hopefully, this is enough notice to get some people out who otherwise might not make it. The current record for miles traveled to attend is held by Xylker, who came last year from Texas. Lets see if we can get someone to break that!

These keep growing every year, seems like. And the location—wow. Let's see if we can set a new attendance record this time. Hop into the forum thread for more info!

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