Eee PC 904, 905 with bigger keyboards coming

Users often criticize Asus’ Eee PC laptops for having small keyboards, and competitors like HP and MSI have already concocted similar systems with larger keys. Quoting channel sources, DigiTimes says Asus now plans to unveil two variants of its 8.9" Eee PC 901 laptop with more adult-sized keyboards.

Dubbed Eee PC 904 and 905, the two subnotebooks will feature the same 8.9" panel size and Atom processors as their predecessor, but with a chassis and keyboard similar to those of the larger Eee PC 1000. Asus is reportedly mulling whether to outfit the 904 and 905 with higher-capacity storage and longer-lasting batteries, as well.

Surprisingly, DigiTimes claims Asus doesn’t intend to price the Eee PC 904 and 905 above the new 901. Rather, the two systems will be aimed "at a similar price range," and they’ll "eventually replace" the 900 and 901 laptops. For reference, the Celeron-powered Eee PC 900 still costs $549.99 in the United States, while the Eee PC 1000H should cost a hundred bucks more when it becomes available.

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