Rhapsody hops aboard the MP3 bandwagon

Another one bites the dust. According to IDG News, Rhapsody has followed in the footsteps of Napster and others by starting to sell MP3s devoid of any digital rights management protection.

Much like Amazon MP3 and Napster, Rhapsody's MP3 Store contains music from major record labels. IDG says Rhapsody is taking a cue from Apple by pricing songs at 99 cents a pop and albums at $9.99 each. Unlike Apple, however, the new service will let users "preview" entire songs for free. Unregistered users can sample as many as 25 full songs per month, while Rhapsody applies no limit to registered users.

Despite hopping on the MP3 bandwagon, Rhapsody is keeping its old subscription-based service around. As part of that service, users pay $12.99 a month for access to a library of songs encoded in Windows Media format with DRM protection.

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