Antec unveils pricey Signature Series power supplies

If you've ever caught yourself longing for a more expensive desktop power supply, Antec's new 850W and 650W Signature Series PSUs may seduce you. Launching today at a respective $299 and $249, Antec's latest units are chock-full of fancy power regulation and noise reduction features, as well as 80 Plus-certified efficiency levels.

According to Antec, the two new Signature units can hit 82% efficiency at 20% and 100% load levels, and they achieve 85% efficiency at a 50% load. These PSUs also feature dual power circuit boards (to optimize airflow, the company says), a pulse-width-modulation fan capable of running at just 15% of its maximum speed, and a hybrid cable management system, which hard-wires necessary cables into the PSU to keep resistance low. Antec also touts its active DC-to-DC voltage regulation system, which supposedly cuts transient response times by two orders of magnitude and improves system stability in the process.

The Signature 650 and 850 are available now, Antec says, pointing out that both units are covered with five-year warranties. We can't find the Signature series listed at Newegg or on our price search engine right now, though.

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