BFG, Diamond tout 'overclocked' high-end GPUs

Within mere hours of each other, both BFG Technologies and Diamond Multimedia have announced "factory-overclocked" versions of Nvidia's and AMD's latest high-end graphics cards. Starting with BFG, the firm's GeForce GTX 260 OC2 departs from the GeForce GTX 260's standard 576MHz core, 1242MHz shader, and 999MHz memory speeds with clocks of 630, 1350, and 1063MHz. The even-speedier GeForce GTX 260 OCX pushes the GT200 GPU and matching memory to 655/1404/1125MHz.

BFG says both of its cards will become available next week throughout North America and Europe. Meanwhile, Diamond has made a deal with boutique gaming PC builder Smooth Creations, which will begin selling the Radeon HD 4870 XOC Black Edition tomorrow. According to Diamond, the XOC Black Edition's core runs at 800MHz and its memory is clocked at 1100MHz (for an "effective" 4400MHz), comfortably above the 4870's default 750/900MHz clocks. That's not all—the firm also mentions that the GPU's "custom firmware has been unlocked" to allow users to try their luck overclocking the core and memory to a respective 950MHz and 1200MHz.

Folks may not have to buy an expensive pre-built PC to get a "factory overclocked" next-gen Radeon, though. As we reported last week, the rumor mill hints that AMD partners plan to unleash a batch of Radeon HD 4850 cards with higher-than-stock speeds.

Update: Regarding the Radeon HD 4870 XOC Black Edition, Diamond dropped us a line to say, "Do to popular demand we are making these cards available in ecommerce in the next week." Looks like the card won't be exclusive to Smooth Creations PCs after all.

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