OCZ unveils 128GB solid-state drive priced at $479

Although still expensive, solid-state drives seem to be coming down in price rapidly. Almost two months ago, we reported on Super Talent's new MasterDrive MX SSDs, which topped out at $699 for a model with 120GB of storage capacity. OCZ has attempted to one-up those products with its new Core Series 2.5" SSDs, which include a 128GB model priced at only $479.

The Core Series also incorporates a 32GB drive priced at $169 and a 64GB model with a $259 price tag. OCZ claims all three drives are 50% cheaper per gigabyte than "other high speed offerings currently on the market," and it quotes sequential read speeds of "120-143Mbps" and write speeds of "80-93Mbps." Unless these drives are exceptionally slow, we assume the press release means MB/s rather than Mbps—at least, that's what OCZ would have one think when it says the Core Series is "up to 10x as fast on a seek-time basis and up to 40% faster on a R/W basis that the best performing 2.5" [hard disk drives] on the market."

OCZ rates all three drives for a 1.5-million-hour (171-year) mean time between failures, and it covers them with two-year warranties. The press release hints that the drives are available already, but we couldn't find them at major U.S. e-tailers just yet.

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