Microsoft: We must avoid simultaneous PC/Xbox 360 releases

In an interview with, Microsoft Game Studios Europe Business Development Manager Peter Zetterberg has made some interesting comments about how PC and Xbox 360 games fit into Microsoft's business plan. According to Zetterberg, Microsoft needs to release titles for the Xbox 360 first to avoid cannibalizing sales of its own console:

On a global scale the Windows Vista business is as important as our Xbox 360 business. But in Germany for example, we want more gamers to buy our Xbox 360. If we launch a game that is on 360 and PC simultaneously, we basically shoot ourselves in the foot by allowing the German market to choose to play the PC version – because they are more likely to buy that than spend their money on the Xbox 360.

However, Zetterberg stressed that the PC and Xbox 360 are "equally important" to Microsoft, even if the company must "pick and choose" formats to stimulate 360 sales in some areas.

Later in the interview, Zetterberg also commented that Microsoft ought to push both major, Gears of War-style blockbusters and smaller, indie PC games like World of Goo and Crayon Physics. "It's harder to go back to Microsoft Games Studios management and show them a smaller game and say 'we should do this.' But if you can find a business model that allows for a multitude of these independent games under and MGS flag, that's very interesting for us," he explained. (Thanks to Shacknews for the heads-up.)

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