Pentium 4 on Monday

ZDNet has this quick reminder. Mommy, is this another paper launch?
Confirming expectations that the chip will launch on Monday, Intel officials outlined the company's plans to move its Pentium 4 into the mainstream PC market as rapidly as possible.

While the Pentium 4 will begin its life at the very high end of the desktop PC market, Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) plans to broaden its market as quickly as possible, company officials said Tuesday at a Comdex/Fall '00 news conference. The company plans to accomplish that by committing a large amount of manufacturing capacity to the new chip, by cutting prices, and by licensing its technology to third-party chip set vendors

Stop making faces.
In sharp contrast to the launch of its 1GHz Pentium III, Intel plans to have significant volumes of Pentium 4s available at next Monday's launch. The new chips will also be available in the reseller channel by next week, officials said. Initially, Pentium 4 PCs will require Intel's 850 chip set and RDRAM, which costs more than other memory technologies.

Despite the higher cost, Otellini said, "I think you'll see very aggressive system prices. We've very happy with where they're starting, and they'll only come down."

Intel still has to overcome their execution problems before they win the crowd but they aren't called Chipzilla for nothing. Ah, the forbidden fruit looks delectable. Will Pentium 4 be able to make magic with DDR memory?
Intel has opened discussions with third-party chip set vendors that would like to release Pentium 4 chips sets with support for PC 133 or Double Data Rate SDRAM, Otellini said.
Pentium 4, tastefully done. If this is true, the chip race next year should be interesting.
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