Adobe pushes to make Flash sites searchable

Sometimes, trying to find content in sites that that rely heavily on Adobe Flash isn’t so easy. In an attempt to resolve that problem, Adobe has teamed up with Google and Yahoo to help the two firms better index Flash files through their respective search engines.

As NewsFactor reports, Google has already begun more thorough indexing of sites with Flash content. “Through our recent collaboration with Adobe, we now help Web-site owners that choose to design sites with Adobe Flash software by indexing this content better. Improving how we crawl dynamic content will ultimately enhance the search experience for our users,” explained Google Engineering Senior VP Bill Coughran. Yahoo is still working with Adobe, but it also plans to add Flash search support to Yahoo Search.

Adobe may not limit its push to Google and Yahoo, either. NewsFactor quotes Adobe Platform Business chief David Wadhwani as saying his company will extend the effort “to benefit all content publishers, developers and end users.”

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