news internet explorer keeps losing ground to firefox safari

Internet Explorer keeps losing ground to Firefox, Safari

Microsoft’s web browser is steadily losing ground to competition from Mozilla and Apple, according to Net Applications figures quoted by TG Daily. The numbers peg Internet Explorer’s market share for June at 73.01%, down from 73.75% in May and 74.83% in April.

Meanwhile, Firefox reportedly enjoyed its biggest-ever piece of the browser market last month: 19.03%, a very healthy rise from 18.41% in May and 17.76% the month before. Apple’s now-cross-platform Safari browser also saw gains, although it only made it up to 6.31% in June. Net Applications says Safari’s market share sat at 6.25% in May and 5.81% in April.

Well behind the three major contenders lies Opera, which the Net Applications numbers pin at only 0.73% for June. Opera’s market share is slowly increasing, though, since it had an even-smaller share of 0.69% in April.