All-in-one Eee Monitor shot from every angle

The rumor mill has been grinding on about an iMac-like Eee Monitor desktop since January, but only now have high-resolution photos of the machine begun to emerge. Whoever leaked the photos has certainly made up for the wait, though: Laptop Magazine has posted a total of 15 shots showing black and white versions of the machine from just about every angle.

The system in the photo set looks decidedly iMac-like, but with a much simpler stand design that has the monitor leaning back like a picture frame. A 17″ or 19″ wide-screen display sits at the front, and Asus has stuck a webcam on top of it and a set of buttons and speakers below. Those buttons include display/audio controls as well as a power button, which lies next to what might be an infrared port for a remote.

Looking around the back, the Eee Monitor sports one Ethernet port, one modem port, four USB ports, a DC power input, three audio ports, and (apparently) a Kensington lock socket. Oh, and Asus has stuck a card reader and a couple of extra USB ports on the right side of the system.

Asus wouldn’t tell Laptop Magazine when it plans to release the Eee Monitor—or how much the system will cost—but the site quotes a rumored launch price of $500. Considering Asus’ Atom-powered Eee Box launched at just $269 last month, and low-end 19″ wide-screen displays sell for about $160, such a price certainly doesn’t sound implausible.

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