Mozilla outs third Weave test release

A new milestone release of Mozilla's Weave browser has slipped out of Mozilla Labs. For those not familiar with the effort, Weave more or less picks up where the now-defunct Google Browser Sync extension left off. Like the Google extension, it lets users synchronize their bookmarks and other browser settings across different machines. But unlike Google Browser Sync, this effort comes from Mozilla itself rather than a third party.

Weave 0.2 builds up on previous test releases with various enhancements, including a new start-up experience, better scheduler performance, a greater set of supported browser settings, and new encryption functionality. Testers can use Weave 0.2 to synchronize bookmarks, browser history, cookies, saved passwords, saved form data, and browser tabs.

You can grab Weave 0.2 from this page. A word of warning, though: Mozilla points out that this is still an "experimental prototype," and it advises that users back up their Firefox settings before installation.

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