1. PlanetHardware's Comdex meeting with AMD (thanks NeWs dAwG)
  2. Tom's Hardware's Comdex day 2
  3. PC Mechanic's Tuesday Comdex coverage
  4. Ars Comdex report: Tuesday edition
  5. FiringSquad's Comdex report: part 1
  6. GA-Hardware's Comdex report 1
  7. CPU-bURN's Comdex coverage
  1. Repost of Australian IT's Pentium 4 benchmarks at Insane Hardware (here it comes, don't blink)
  2. AMD Palomino 1.5 GHz and 760MP info@Real World Technologies
  3. TweakTown's Intel FSB overclocking guide
  4. Overclockers Online takes Duron 600 -> 1 GHz

  1. AT reviews FIC AZ11E Socket A w/VIA 686B SouthBridge
  2. The Tech Zone reviews ECS P6VXA Socket 370

  1. tuplay's NVIDIA GeForce 2 Go press preview
  2. 'I am not a geek' reviews Visiontek GF2 Ultra
  3. HotHardware reviews Elsa Gladiac GF2 Ultra
  4. Digit-Life reviews Suma Platinum series: GF2 GTS and MX cards
  5. t-break reviews MSI StarForce 818 GF2 MX
  6. Glide Underground on 3dfx's woes
Networking and Communications

  1. Netscape 6
  2. tuplay's DSL guide
  3. 3DnHardware's home networking router roundup

  1. Hexus reviews Adaptec 29160 Ultra 160 SCSI
  2. Hexus hacks Promise Ultra 100 IDE -> RAID
  3. AT reviews VideoLogic DigiTheatre LC 5.1 speaker system
  4. SystemLogic's Klipsch V.2 -400 ProMedia speaker system review
  5. Cambridge DTT3500 surround sound speaker review@Tech Extreme
Cases and cooling

  1. Extreme Overclocking reviews Antec KS282 ATX case
  2. SE reviews CDI Alaska Cool-Case full tower
  3. Arctic Silver thermal adhesive available@HighSpeed PC w/comparative graph

  1. AnandTech's high-end buyer's guide for November
  2. Counter-Strike: from mod to retail product@Tech Extreme
  3. Tech Extreme's future of FPS part II
  4. 3D Spotlight updates UT tweak guide
  5. Mellenger's new look "battle review" of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (PC)
  6. LinuxLookup reviews "Beginning Perl" by Simon Cozens (book)
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