British site compares MSI Wind, Eee PC 901, Aspire One

How do Asus Eee PC 901, MSI Wind U100, and Acer Aspire One low-cost subnotebooks look when they're all sitting on the same table? The people at UK site Mobile Computer were curious, and they've shot some photos and a video of the three notebooks side-by-side (and on top of each other).

The photos show that the Wind U100 and the Aspire One are about the same size, while the Eee PC 901 is shorter horizontally. MSI's laptop is the only one with a larger display, and the 901 gets stuck with the smallest keyboard of the three. Paradoxically, the Eee is quite noticeably the thickest of the bunch, although the Wind's sleek and rounded white casing makes it look a tad thinner than it actually is.

Mobile Computer didn't just stick to comparing form factors. The site has whipped together a full review of the Wind U100, as well, examining the system's design and performance without forgetting to throw in plenty of pictures and videos. The Wind was good enough to deserve the site's Editor's Choice award, but Mobile Computer says Acer's Aspire One is still the "best realisation of the small, cheap and simple netbook idea." The Wind should be available in the United States next week.

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