Less than 90% of Internet users to run Windows soon?

Windows client systems have dominated the Internet for at least the past decade. However, TG Daily quotes a Net Applications survey that says Mac OS X and Linux are slowly eroding the operating system's popularity—so much so that Windows may end up with a sub-90% market share among Internet users before long.

According to Net Applications' figures, the number of Windows systems out of a 160-million sample group hit 90.89% last month, down from 91.13% the month before. Over the same time period, Mac OS X climbed from 7.83% to 7.94%, and Linux crawled up from 0.68% to 0.8%. If my math is right, Linux and Mac OS X could hit a combined 10% market share before the end of the year if they continue to grow that fast.

TG Daily doesn't elaborate on the possible causes for Windows' slightly waning popularity, but the recent Linux-powered subnotebook craze, the rise of MacBook laptops, and the negative press surrounding Windows Vista could all have something to do with it.

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