45nm Pentium E5200 surfaces in Taiwan

Where are Intel's entry-level 45nm processors? Not too far ahead, if a thread on the Coolaler forums is any indication. The titular Taiwanese overclocker has posted pictures and screenshots of an unannounced 45nm Pentium processor in action—both at stock speed and overclocked.

In CPU-Z, the chip registers as a Pentium E5200 with a 45nm Wolfdale core, 2.5GHz clock speed, 2MB of cache, and 800MHz front-side bus. That's about 0.1GHz faster with twice as much cache as the existing Pentium E2200, which various online retailers currently offer for around $80. Those specs are also not too far off from those of the $130 Core 2 Duo E7200, which runs at 2.53GHz with 3MB of cache and a 1066MHz FSB.

So, how does the E5200 overclock? In the forum thread's second page, Coolaler displays screenshots of the chip running at 4GHz with the FSB set to 320MHz (1280MHz effective) and the voltage up from 1.208 to 1.384V. If retail E5200s overclock nearly as well and Intel prices them at $100 or less, the company could have a very solid value proposition on its hands.

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