Hans Reiser rules out innocence, leads police to body

When jurors found file system creator Hans Reiser guilty murder last April, some members of the Linux community held on to their belief that Reiser was innocent. As SFGate reports, however, Reiser has confirmed his guilt by leading police to his wife's body as part of a bargain for a lighter sentence.

Through the discovery of Nina Reiser's remains, SFGate says Hans may get away with a second-degree murder sentence rather than the first-degree sentence he would have otherwise received. The latter conviction would have seen Reiser spend 25 years to life in prison, whereas a second-degree murder sentence carries a potentially shorter term of 15 years to life.

SFGate explains that Reiser admitted to fighting with his wife, strangling her, and burying her body "on the side of a steep hill off a deer trail between Redwood Regional Park and the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve." The site lies less than half a mile from Reiser's home, where witnesses last saw Nina alive in September 2006. Reportedly, police successfully exhumed a body as Reiser looked on handcuffed to his lawyer. The body hasn't yet been identified.

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