Activision, Vivendi Games merger to close tomorrow

Out of the blue last December, Activision and Vivendi Games announced that they planned to merge to form Activision Blizzard. By joining forces, the two companies said they would become "the world's largest pure-play online and console game publisher [with the] highest operating margins of any major third-party video game publisher."

Today, Shacknews reports that regulatory authorities have approved the merger, and that the transaction between the two game publishing heavyweights will close tomorrow. The terms of the deal will see Vivendi Games become an Activision subsidiary, but Vivendi will have a stake of roughly 52% in the merged company.

One the deed is done, Activision Blizzard will publish not only the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo series (including World of Warcraft), but also Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk's, Call of Duty, and Quake games (plus Doom 3). By Activision and Vivendi's own estimates, Activision Blizzard would have raked in $3.8 billion in annual revenue if it existed last year.

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