Intel inside lunch box

Intel and Hewlett-Packard are collaborating on another "concept PC." Itanium? No, silly. Codenamed "Deep Forest" (the joke is too easy) and based on the Pentium 4, this design is still a technology demonstration but the resemblance to the Apple G4 Cube is uncanny.
The prototype design isn't quite as cubic as the Cube - it measures 10in x 13in x 4in, "about the size of a lunch box", says the developer duo. Crammed inside are a Pentium 4 CPU, 10/100 Ethernet, seven USB ports and a slimline AGP 4x graphics card. We assume - though neither company said so - there's a hard drive and some memory in there too, and presumably a DVD drive.
The Register manages to "crack" a few jokes but HP searches for the vision thing. From Techweb:
Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard Co. (stock: HWP) executives positioned Deep Forest as "the far future" of the ePC, the company's managed PC line designed for corporate systems. The product is a small-footprint system measuring approximately 10-by-13-by-4 inches, about the size of a lunch box.

That caused some thermal problems, HP executives admitted. As in previous ePC models, the Deep Forest box uses an external power supply, robbing the chassis of one of the power supply fans typically used to cool the system. But in Deep Forest, the chassis contains not one, but two, fans designed to cool the system itself, not including any microprocessor-specific cooling.

Put a P4 inside a "lunch box" and it needs an external power supply, huh? Kinda like the stillborn Voodoo 5 6000. The "Deep Forest Concept PC" comes factory-sealed with 7 USB ports.
"Yes, it seems like a lot," said Craig Ainslie, marketing manager for HP ePCs in Grenoble, France. "But you've got the keyboard, mouse, some external storage, perhaps a DVD, and then some other devices."

The Deep Forest currently only contains an internal CD-ROM. It also integrates a low-profile AGP4x graphics bus, power management, and 10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet capabilities.

More proof that we live in a post-iMac age.
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