More 55nm Nvidia GPUs coming this quarter

While AMD hopped on the 55nm bandwagon last year with its Radeon HD 3000-series graphics processors, Nvidia has taken a little long to catch up. GeForce 9800 GTX+ cards with 55nm G92b GPUs have already been announced, but DigiTimes quotes a Commercial Times report that says Nvidia has more 55nm GPUs up its sleeve—and four or five of them will come out this quarter.

DigiTimes mentions G94b, G96b, and G98b models, which it says will all launch after August. The G94b should be a die-shrink of the G94 that powers GeForce 9600 GT cards, while the G96b and G98b may supplant GPUs that haven't materialized just yet. The rumor mill first churned out news of the G96 back in March, and it said the GPU was destined for a GeForce 9500 GT. DigiTimes hints the G96 will come out "by the end of this month," first in its 65nm iteration then as the 55nm G96b.

Last, but not least, the rumor mill revealed in late May that Nvidia had taped out a 55nm shrink of the new GT200 GPU from its new GeForce GTX 200 series. DigiTimes doesn't directly mention this shrink, but word back in May was that this "GT200b" would appear in the late summer or early fall.

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