Microsoft to start discussing DirectX 11 soon?

What will Microsoft's next DirectX application programming interface bring to game developers? A unified hardware physics API? Some new and exotic rendering systems? Microsoft hasn't revealed anything yet, but Fudzilla reports that the company will start talking later this month.

Quoting anonymous sources, Fudzilla says Microsoft officially announce DirectX 11 at the Gamfest 2008 event, which will take place in Seattle from July 22 to July 23. Interested parties can sign up for the event through the official website for a hefty $550 (or $650 for registrations after July 18). Those who miss the event might be able to catch up at the Nvision conference in late August, where Nvidia will supposedly discuss DirectX 11, as well.

Fudzilla says DirectX 11's bag of tricks will include features like tessellation/displacement, multi-threaded rendering, and compute shaders. The site adds that the new API may not have support for real-time ray tracing.

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