Low-cost ECS subnotebook coming in September

The folks over at Laptop Magazine have gotten some dirt on the G10IL, ECS' upcoming low-cost subnotebook. In an interview with the site, ECS Sales VP Henry Kwan revealed that the system will arrive in the U.S. in September with prices starting at $399.

ECS apparently doesn't intend to market the G10IL as yet another Eee PC rival, though. The subnotebook will feature optional EDGE, HSUPA, and HSDPA connectivity (albeit not on the $399 flavor), and ECS will market it to businesses. Also, other notebook vendors may sell their own, re-labeled models—Kwan predicted that the laptop "will be brought to the U.S. market under a different name than ECS G10IL."

The G10IL will feature an Atom processor, 1-2GB of memory, a six-cell battery rated for five hours of operation, and a choice of 8GB solid-state or 80GB mechanical storage. The 8GB SSD will come in the Linux-based G10IL variant, while those opting for the Windows XP-based offering will receive the 80GB hard drive. Customers will also be able to pick between 8.9" and 10" display sizes, just like in the Eee PC line.

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