New 128GB Samsung solid-state drive hits production

Samsung has announced that its new 64GB and 128GB solid-state drives based on multi-level cell flash technology have entered mass production. The Korean firm is making the drives in both 2.5" and 1.8" form factors, which should respectively accommodate regular notebooks and ultra-thin/handheld systems.

These new drives feature 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, and Samsung says they can top out at 90MB/s during reads and 70MB/s during writes. Impressively, the drives have power consumption ratings of only 0.2W for standby and 0.5W for the "active" mode. Samsung also boasts that the new SSDs will last "20 times longer than the generally accepted 4-5 year life span of a notebook PC hard drive[s]"—that's 80-100 years.

Without quoting any prices, the company mentions in its press release that the 64GB and 128GB MLC-based SSDs will have "more attractive pricing." Looking ahead, Samsung plans to introduce a 256GB SSD before the year is through, and it expects SSD sales to grow by 800% by 2010.

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