TR Fantasy Football sign-ups are underway

Believe it or not, it's already time to start thinking about football again. For us, that means it's time to open sign-ups for the TR Fantasy Football leagues. Our distinguished commissioner, idchafee, writes:

Its almost time to be thinking about kicking the skin of the pig. Of course I'm talking about FOOTBALL (American style)!! Come join us in the official TR Fantasy Football League. Details here:

Come visit the thread, drop me a PM in the forums, and then come get some Fantasy Football goodness!

I've been playing for, wow, quite a few years now, and it's always fun. As you might expect, TR folks are pretty clever and competitive, so the leagues are constantly a challenge. We use Yahoo's automagical web-based system and keep the rules simple, so it's easy to play. Also: addictive like crack, which is a bonus. Before you know it, you're spending Sunday afternoons glued to a real-time stats Java applet—and yet there's nowhere you'd rather be. My plan this year: Eee PC + Wi-Fi router with signal strength hack = mobile bliss, possible yard work productivity. Come join us, so we can talk smack in creative ways about you.

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