Apple launches iTunes 7.7, iPhone App Store

On the eve of the iPhone 3G’s U.S. launch, Apple has released a new version of iTunes that introduces access to new services and compatibility with the iPhone 3G. You can grab iTunes 7.7 for either Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) or Mac OS X from this page.

AppleInsider reports that the new iTunes release brings support for the App Store, which will give iPhone and iPod touch users access to a wealth of third-party applications. AppleInsider says the service is already up and includes 500 apps, from freeware tools like AOL’s Instant Messenger to pay apps like Sega’s Super Monkey Ball. Users of existing iPhone and iPod touch handhelds will apparently need to upgrade to the upcoming 2.0 firmware to access the store, however.

Additionally, AppleInsider mentions that iTunes 7.7 has “explicit support” for the MobileMe service. Through MobileMe, users will be able to store 20GB of e-mail, contacts, and calendars on Apple’s servers and access them from an iPhone, iPod touch, or computer. As Steve Jobs pointed out during his latest keynote speech, the service will cost $99 a year and will supplant the previous .Mac service.

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