Sega's perestroika

According to this ASCII (Japan) news story, Sega is changing its business paradigm in its bid to become the "world's #1 network game service provider." Sega is shifting its emphasis from a platform provider to a format provider. They will continue to leverage their Dreamcast game console by stressing network gaming and service. With challenges coming from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, Sega estimates that they have a year and a half to two year advantage over its competition. Sega will reorganize itself internally into platform, contents, amusement, and network service divisions. So you ask, "what does the PC user care about all this?" Only that this is official confirmation that earlier rumors of a Dreamcast card for the PC appear to be true. Sega will be going to a royalty-base model by using the Dreamcast format to target the PC, STB and PDA markets by providing both the basic design and content to drive those markets. While the specifics have yet to be unveiled, this means that a Dreamcast card could conceivably integrate the DC architecture into a chipset and even be released as software.
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