Deal of the week: Kickass graphics and 14 cents/GB

Because hard drives and graphics cards have some of the most volatile prices in the hardware market, we like featuring them in our deal posts. Today is no exception. We've noticed that a VisionTek version of AMD's Radeon HD 4870 is now available at Newegg for only $294.99 shipped, down from $309.99 a few days ago. TR readers voted the 4870 the best new graphics card in our latest poll, and a quick look at how the GPU performs should be explanation enough to the uninitiated.

We also keep our eye on hard drive prices, and we've noticed that Newegg now offers Western Digital's Caviar SE16 640GB for just $89.99 with free shipping. That's down from around $94.99 a week or two ago, and it works out to just 14 cents per gigabyte. Consideing the 640GB SE16's other qualities—excellent performance, low noise levels, and low power consumption—that's a steal.

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