Bethesda demonstrates Fallout 3 gameplay

Ever since announcing Fallout 3 back in 2004, Bethesda Softworks has been slowly trickling screenshots and details about the title. At the E3 Microsoft Press Conference today, the game developer finally displayed video of the game in action.

You can view a standard-definition version of the video over at The video includes roughly four minutes of gameplay, and it showcases the game's combat, several weapons, and in-game character configuration interface. Weapons include a sniper rifle, laser rifle, and the "Fat Man," a miniature nuclear warhead launcher.

According to Bethesda, Fallout 3 will take place in a post-apocalyptic version of Washington, D.C. in the year 2277. Players will be able to explore the city and ride an elevator to the top of the Washington Monument. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

Update: There's now a Fallout 3 E3 teaser trailer up at Shackvideo.

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